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"Me coming to therapy has helped me to see my life from a different angles that I wouldn't have thought of and to control my addictions and the behaviors that go with them. It has helped me to have the awareness of those signs and triggers and not give in to them., Hopefully everyone has a chance to go to therapy, everyone wins, someone to show us the other side of what is going on. Therapy has been very very helpful. Recommend 100%. A trampoline to jump to a better position in life and indirectly a help to my family." - Sergio, age 48, West Jordan

"Dear Florie,
I cannot tell you enough how much your counseling has meant to me and helped me I have never been able to work through my thoughts and feelings better…My thoughts and feelings are now clearer and I have learned to "choose my battles" so to speak…learning to not stoop to a lower level yet get my feelings and needs met …You have truly helped me. I know if I ever run into further problems I can come back to you …Your techniques and help have been invaluable to me and my family and my life…" - Ann, age 50, Centerville

"Florie, I am doing well though and I have 24 days sober and being very humble through this experience. I really liked you and our time together. Hope to talk with you a again. Life is a big Journey." - Camille, age 42, Salt Lake City

"I've learned to not be judgmental with others and myself. And love myself. How to control my anxiety and panic and believe in myself and have faith and hope that I can get better. Coming to therapy makes me feel really good and give me hope. I'm doing more than I'm ever done." - Anna, age 32, North Salt Lake